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Our Executive Team
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Kelly Friedman


Katyana Armani

Founders Executive

Adam Diaz

Program Design Lead

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Keith Zetzer


Simply said, Keith is in it to win it, for every client all of the time. 


He enjoys an "in the trenches" management style. He is often found creating new and innovative techniques to provide our team with the tools they need to succeed. His ever evolving drive to make everything that much more effective keeps our team evolving on a consistent basis. 

While providing oversight to all aspects of TYSGlobal he more specifically leads our Design and IT Innovation Teams.  

Our Stories

Because, we matter.

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Kelly Friedman

Kelly's professional career started almost 20 years ago in residential construction, but has since branched out to include Marketing, Planning, Advertising, Management, Specialty Commercial & Construction.  With over 19 years of combined industry experience, Kelly has merged her vast knowledge of multiple industries into a sphere of precise decision-making and specific key processes to be an asset, not only to our company, but also to our clients and our industry.


Kelly spearheaded the development of our company and now runs our National Accounts & Development division, handling Major National Accounts and Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 clients in almost every state in the US. Understanding the Brand & Marketing aspect, combined with her Construction & Development knowledge, Kelly possesses a unique set of skills that make her an essential leader in our organization. 

Katyana Armani

Katyana has extensive experience in the Education, Legal and Administrative Arena for well over 40 years and implements of our organizations growth and strategy goals. She is also a long-time College Professor for three universities as well as grades SAT Exams for exceptional students nationwide.


She creates, Maintains and Implements our team's ongoing TYSU college level training programs, pushes innovation strategies to our International and US Based Management Team comprised of personnel that are required to have obtained a Masters Degree or above in their study field.

These intensive programs drive our team to be the best in their field as we maintain a "learn to grow" atmosphere.

Also within her horizon, Katyana implements our long term initiatives and growth goals for organizational scaling.

Katyana is a very unique asset to our organization.

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