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Site Surveys

Site Surveys for Signage

A Site Survey is a vital step before we design and install your signage. After you tell us the type of sign you would like, we send a team to visit the site. Our specialists take accurate measurements and pictures to verify all construction drawings are accurate for placement of your sign.

Site Survey Considerations

The pros at That’s Your Sign will check every detail of the proposed sign location before beginning your project. For example, new construction projects may not be correctly scaled on architectural

drawings. Our team considers many factors during a signage field survey, including:

  • Visibility or obstruction
  • Attachment methods

  • Access needs


For interior sign placement, a site survey may include:

  • Wall materials
  • Wall size

  • Visibility or obstruction


If we find any issues, we will work with you to find alternative locations or types of signs. Our experts know the best materials and methods for your needs.

Getting Started On Your Sign Project

Besides measuring and taking pictures of the site, our specialists will refer to applicable city codes. We put all of these factors together to help make your vision a reality.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get started on your sign project.

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